Pest control of rats in Wellington

"How can I get rid of rats in my ceiling?"

Pest Control Wellington can get rid of your rats. We'll come and eradicate the little critters. We can get into your ceiling or under your house and find and remove rodents. Call us on 04 478 7180.

Rats are very clever and will avoid traps if they have set one off previously. We know the best pest management methods to catch and kill rats in your home.

Ant infestation Tawa

"I live in Wellington and need pest management for an infestation of ants. Can you get rid of them?"

Yes. Pest Control Wellington are experts at ant eradication. Fill in the form on the right hand side of this page for a free quote.

New Zealand has eleven known native species of ants (Australia has about 1,200!), but about 28 species of ants have come to New Zealad from other countries - mainly Ausralia.

The most common ants in New Zealand are the Southern Ant and the White Footed House Ant. The Argentine Ant have been in New Zealand since 1990, and have been spreading south from Auckland ever since. The World Conservation Union lists the Argentine ant as one of the worlds worst invasive species

Remove wasp nest Wellington

"There is a wasp's nest in my wall in Tawa. Can you remove it?"

Absolutely. Pest Control Wellington can remove wasps nests from your home or property. Call us on 0274 443 714, and we can come around and look.

New Zealand has arouind 3,000 species of wasps and bees. But the most common pests are the German wasp and the Common wasp. The Asian Paper Wasp and Australian paper was are also problems in the North Island.

We know the best methods of find and removing wasp nests and use the best - and safest - poisons.

Kill cockroaches Porirua

"Help! I have an infestation of cockroaches in my kitchen!"

Pest Control Wellington is there to help! We can come around and eradicate your cockroaches.

It is important to effectively kill all your cockroaches, as a female will lay her egges when stressed. Her young will reach sexual maturity in only 40 days - so disturbing a cockroach (and not killing it!) may only make things 40 times worse within a few weeks.

We know the best poisons to use that won't be harmful to you or your family. Call us and we'll come and help.

Eradication of white tail spiders

"I live in Porirua and we keep seeing white tail spiders. I think there must be a nest somewhere. Can you find the nest and get rid of them?"

We sure can! Call us on 478 7180 and we'll come round.

White tail spiders don't seek out humans to attack us, but they tend to live in warm, dark places, including clothing and bedding. They bite people to defend themselves when we invade "their" space. White tails don't make webs to catch their prey - they go hunting for food and kill other spiders with their poisonous fangs.

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Pest Control Wellington is here to help you with your pest problems in the wider Wellington region.

Big game hunting in Island Bay!

Big game hunting in Island Bay!

We've seen some big rats in our time, but few as large as this one!

This cat-sized rat was running around an Island Bay home until the terrified owner called Integrated Pest Management. We were glad to do some big game hunting, and caught and killed this massive beast behind the sofa!

It just shows that there's no job too big for Integrated Pest Management.

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